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Mandatory Update

Yesterday was our one year. Yay! ♥ Arbitrary date? FUCK YES!

In other news, due to facebook claiming rights to everything I post on there, the questionable nature of the government which is in charge of the company that owns LJ, and the fact that I HATE the ads on here, I've figured it's time for me to FINALLY fork out the money and buy a website. All blogging will continue on there and now I can get a snazzy portfolio set up.
And I'm gonna be getting my camera back in a week, so I'll finally be able to do Project 365, which I have been promising myself since September. Geeze!
And to wrap it up, I'll post this video...


I'm thankful for warm summer days spent wandering around Princess.
I'm thankful for sharing Raspberry and Apricot Wheat Ale at the Goat.
I'm thankful for lazy days spent reading MySQL at the Goat.
I'm thankful for random occurrences of Pipe Bands around Kingston.
I'm thankful for warm summer rain.
I'm thankful for being able to share those butter tarts you can get at the Goat, because I know I'll never finish one on my own.
I'm thankful for getting my first nine-to-five.
I'm thankful for being able to stay in Kingston this summer.
I'm thankful that a busy day in Kingston is four instead of three buskers on the street.
I'm thankful for my parents helping me through University.
I'm thankful for being able to wear sandals.
... and those shorts that I haven't worn in years.
I'm thankful for not being kicked out of University.
I'm thankful for cheezy webcam pictures that are hidden on my desktop. No one but me needs to know that they're there.
I'm thankful for having green curry at Cambodian Village.
I'm thankful for living with amazing people.
I'm thankful for the satisfaction of self rolled cigarettes.
I'm thankful for being able to walk into my kitchen and smell lilacs in the morning.

I'm thankful for being where I am today.

A couple things to get off of my chest...

Dear Microsoft Word,
Quit being so crappy. Quit corrupting my fonts. 'Cause I really like my fonts. Quit taking up all of my memory.
Quit all of these things before I quit you.
Never speak to me again.

Dear Neo Office,
While you like my fonts and my memory, you suck at tables. You suck at doing those commenty things.Your GUI also sucks. Stop being so ugly.
Way to let me down guys.

Dear Open Office,
HOW many years has it been since you've updated your version for Mac? What the shit is this X11 piece of crap? GIVE ME GOOD LOOKING AQUA!
Fuck you Sun Microsystems,

Dear AppleWorks,
Why do you even exist? In the Get A Mac ads universe, Mac's a hip hipster, PC's a nerdy middle-aged man, Linux is a lanky chick, Microsoft Office are 30-somethings in suits and you're the aborted fetus in the back.
I don't even know what to say to you.

Dear Coach Canada Website,
Seriously. What the fuck? I just want a god damned bus schedule.

Dear Staples,
Why didn't you SAY you were so god damned boring before you hired me. Bitch.

Dear Starbucks,
Hire me. Right here, right now. Any way you want it.

Dear White Stripes' De Stijl Album,
Only you understand me.


Dance, Facebook junkies, dance.

What's worse - having to pay for access to Facebook with cold, hard cash, being pin-point targeted by banner ads, or expected to interact on their sponsored groups? (e.g. The FOX News Group whose tagline is "The Network Your Professors Don't Want You To Watch")

Better question... can corporations brainwash the willing? Are they brainwashing us, or just reacting to what we're (the consumer's) already doing?

Read the following article and discuss.
'For big brands, a different kind of face time' from the Globe and MailCollapse )


My life is pain.

Okay. Madly cramming for an exam for a course that I'm most definitely failing no matter what mark I get in it. (Why am I doing this? God knows. Maybe to make a point?)
Anyways, reading over the lecture notes and I get this... (emphasis mine)
(Hume) enumerates the principles of the "association of ideas" in order to explain how the mind is sometimes led automatically from one idea to another. These are (a) resemblance (e.g. seeing a portrait brings to mind an idea of the person it depicts...); (b) contiguity (proximity) in time and space (e.g.the idea of december produces the idea of winter); (c) cause and effect (e.g. the idea of writing "Hume was a famous nineteenth century rationalist" brings to mind the failing of an exam)


Okay, I know it's not that bad. But it's five in the morning and I want sleep. Shaddup.


Rants on the idea of game theory

Why are philosophers so interested in various game theories? The use of language, social interactions, economics and so on are continually related to the idea of a game.
Right, so I'm reading Jean-Francois Lyotard's essay "The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge" for my postmodernism class, and it has really got me thinking. He published it in 1979 a commissioned work on whether or not universities should invest in computers, so it really transforms into a rant about the intertwining of information and technology. It's REALLY FREAKIN' PERTINENT to what's going on now with information control and the internet (in short, read it.)
However, he talks about language rules (what he calls games) and how they govern society, and it just got me thinking on the idea of using games as an analogyCollapse )

So yeah... thoughts on this guys? Do we continually fuck ourselves over and find mistakes for fear of succeeding? Am I being too depressing? Could you even call the rules of language a game?


So I downloaded (and unlocked. FUCK YOU TRIAL PERIOD) Adobe Photoshop CS3 a couple days ago and have been using it since.
More ranting and screencaps along this vein...Collapse )
But more RL updates for those who are following me, I most likely will be staying in the K-Town over the summer as I SHOULD be working at ol' Fort Henry as a Military Interpreter, which constitutes me dressing up as a 1860s red coat, running around shooting guns (20 POUNDERS MOTHER FUCKER) and playing British Grenadiers on the fife. Be still my little nerd heart.
And if that isn't dorktastic enough, I might be helping to start up a Pirate Reenactment society here over the summer.
BOO-FUCKIN-YA. So in short, if all goes to plan... I can finally say FUCK YOU CALGARY AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON. All those who will be stuck on the frontier this summer are cordially invited to visit me either this summer, or for the weekend of October 13 as it will be Queen's Homecoming and therefore sextacular.

Mac App Pimpage

So instead of doing my essay that was do... oh an hour ago... I spent the entire day fiddling around with my ibook. Short and long of it, I found a really cool RSS reader for Mac called Vienna.
Not only does it read feeds directly from URLs, but it has a special treatment for Livejournal, Blogspot, Xanga and msn spaces! Yeah... I guess I could just type in the feeds, but GOD DAMNIT! I want to be considered special.

So yes, anyone with an lj and a mac (it's universal, so ANY mac) I would definitely suggest this sucker too. It's freeware!
And on the note oflj software, I'm addicted to the Xjournal Client, which I am using to type this entry.

Hot potatoes!

ETA: Right after I posted this, I discovered that Vienna works with Xjournal, so you can write frivolous posts about the stuff you read on your feeds! More reasons to procrastinate?! OMGWTFPOLARBEARDORKDOM!


Je suis stoned

The first stop on Erin's Excellent Reading Week Adventure is Julie's (kementari) Grandfather's house in Montreal. Which I am writing this from, coincidentally! He's in Florida right now, if I'm correct, so we reign supreme in this kingdom of 1950s hifi gear and thriftstore books.
To set the scene... we're saving our money so no clubbing for us. Which allows us to get drunk in a neighborhood pub (which coincidentally was Irish), stumble back the bus route home and wonder what to do.
Erin's home on a friday night? What's she doing? You guessed it. Julie's already agreed to try it, even though the first time she'd be doing it would be while in her sweet-old grandad's house.
So yes... we're rather wafting right now. I'm quite happy... enjoying the art galleries, irish pubs and back-yards in Montreal.
- - -
I am stoned. How very remarkable. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
-- ♥, Julie
- - -
I think that there's only one way I can end this....
and i'll bone you completely,
but then.. I'm gonna fuck you HAAAAAA-AAAH-ARD, HAAA-AHHHH-ARD!

[written at 9:00pm, Saturday, February 17, 2006, posted retrospectively. Sorry for the delay!]

Fishy Failure

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